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    A Q & A with Matt and Kim’s Matt Johnson

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    Death and Taxes. Four Thousand. Business Insider. Indie Shuffle. Lehigh Valley Music. The Observer. Juice Are matt and kim dating. Mother Jones. Rolling Stone. May 17, The Birmingham News. Retrieved 23 April Retrieved 4 April The Fader. It just poured out. Speaking of political unrest — a lot has changed in the world since your last album.

    Just not in this time. So even in the lyrically darker songs, we still send this message that we can overcome. Well, for a long time we never touched the fact that we were a couple. We wanted that punk rock energy.

    We always took it one step at a time. Here's something your parents don't tell you: Don't have goals. That was really helpful to the band. Then you're just enjoying things in the moment that you're doing them.

    Matt and Kim on Overcoming Kim's Leg Injury and Their Dark But Hopeful New Album

    It's not about trying to do things in steps to get other places. I remember discussing that I never want to play a show that I wouldn't go to. I think there are a lot of times where you're encouraged to play a show are matt and kim dating it's the proper stepping-stone to get you somewhere else. Having come from only really playing in warehouses and stuff in Brooklyn, we made them make the ticket price six dollars, because that's what our fans wanted to pay.

    It was the lowest ticket price they've ever done at Bowery Ballroom.

    Matt and Kim on Film & TV Syncs, Inter-band dating, and Not Having Goals

    What do you attribute your longevity to? I find that sometimes bands decide what it would take for them to be successful.

    Say, like, "We gotta win a Grammy. That's when we're successful. It's like how rarely does that happen for a band? So, you're spending your entire career failing, if that's your beacon of success. But, if you're like me and Kim, you're just happy every time you come back to town and there are a few more people there. Or you're happy every time you put out a song and people seem excited about it.

    Are matt and kim dating you're just constantly a success. Every day you get to celebrate. What was the first one you ever had? Coming from a punk background and, especially, growing up and listening to punk music, it was such a concern. We certainly did not expect that it would be bigger than our little scene that we were in.


    It still gets played as much now as it did back then. Hell yeah laughs. You also give your fans a pretty personal look into your lives through your vlogs and your YouTube channel and things like that, which is something that not a lot of artists do.

    We Joined A Couples "DATING" App?

    We realize that on stage, you have this certain connection with the audience. We were off the road for a while because Kim was injured and we were between albums and we wanted to be able to still put ourselves out there and keep that connection going.

    I went to film school and I really love making videos and stuff like that, so it made a lot of sense for us.

    Are matt and kim dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)