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    In my opinion they have zero sexual chemistry. Latisse says:. We were going to get picked up because we did work that was undeniable and that was the best version of storytelling up against all the other dramas. I would like to know more about her personal life actually. He gushes over this woman like I've never seen Tony and kerry dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    Same dating game questions for who spewed venom at Angelina Jolie tony and kerry dating in time.

    Same exact attitude. Oh Brad is happily married! Time to wake up. That is the fairytale. Him being happily married. Which as we all know means precious nothing in terms of happy marriage. And all the well informed in Hollywood know about him and Kerry anyway. Apparently gossip should only be handled by the actually well-informed, as opposed to the clearly misinformed. Allison do you work in HW or know someone? Your post is very well informed like you know something. Not to mention the very day this article was released, she posted on twitter that she was taking a month off from twitter.

    Jane has plenty of reasons to be worried. Not once have I read or heard him say anything pleasant about his wife of 26 years. Does that sound like they are happily married? I feel sorry for some of you married women if think that this is OK. Couple that with the fact that Tony and Kerry knew each other for years before Scandal.

    The very first time the crew saw them talk to each other on set not as Olitzthey saw their smoldering hot chemistry. They said in an interview that they had worked together before, and Tony said yes to the role just because Kerry was doing the lead.

    Of course, it could be than anyone looks like crap next to Kerry, who is a goddess. Kind of off-topic, but: her upper lip kind of bothers me because it reminds me of all the celebrities who get injections into their upper lip to make it bigger than the bottom one. CB if you watched the last episode of season 2, then you know the cat is already out of the bag about Fitz and Olivia.

    Somebody spilled the beans. God……she has a forehead like an IMAX screen and lips like overinflated bike tires. Wat a mess. Honestly, I wondered about them ahwile back. Their chemistry is HOT! I mean, I have never seen any other actors like that before.

    She is pretty tony and kerry dating respected in her field not exactly sure what she does, but some sort of Hollywood-y type tony and kerry dating. Not so much. He seems so into her, always looking at her, touching her, complimenting her and talking about how amaaaaaaazing she is.

    I feel sorry for his wife. With a face like that of course he is going to go gaga over her! Dear God this man is beautiful! He was always cute as a young guy, but he has aged amazingly well and is all kinds of hot now.

    Kerry Washington & Tony Goldwyn on Access Hollywood :)) My fav interview

    The scene where he is standing over her on the bed, shirtless… Oh I want to be her!!! His sister was date when he was nominated for his directing on Greys Anatomy. What would you think if your husband took his daughter or sister out to public events as his date instead of you? That to me is not a sign of a happily married couple. Honestly, I think Tony and his wife are married in name only.

    There are just some crazy fans tony and kerry dating have themselves believe that a man would throw away 30 years of marriage just because he has on-screen chemistry with his co-star. Only they know what is going on or not going on between them.

    That is usually something unmarried actors like Bradley Cooper do. I have to thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this website.

    In truth, your creative writing abilities has encouraged me to get my own site now. Miss M says:. June 21, at am. F5 says:. Catholic online uk 21, at pm. JenD says:. Anna says:. Dingo says:. Pia says:.

    Sarah says:. Janet says:. June 22, at am. OMSS says:. MsAubra says:. Celebitchy says:. Kimmy says:. Caroline says:. Marty says:. Charli says:. Shelley says:. Latisse says:. Jayna says:. AtiaoftheJulii says:. Elle the original or 2? Virgilia Coriolanus says:. Dani says:. PinkG says:. Cody says:. Nicole says:. PrincessDi says:. Reason 2: The audience of black women who visit this site can be broken down into 3 groups.

    Generally, the women in group one can be categorized married dating app bangalore the fact that they have always pretty much preferred non-black men.

    Group 2 readers are those who are open to interracial dating, but may not necessarily have an preference for or against black men. Group 3 are those that may or may not have always dated black men, may or may not have always had a preference for black men, and only now are starting to stick their big toe in the pool of interracial dating because they tony and kerry dating had to work on eliminating their racial hang-ups that prevented them from being open to interracial dating in the past.

    Washington has dated white men in the past. And she has also dated black men in the past. Kerry dated men who tony and kerry dating felt physically attracted to, to men who she felt were on her level. And now, finally, she had married a man who is just as smart, accomplished, and dedicated to philanthropic work as she is.

    The out-of-wedlock birth rate among black women in still higher than among any other group of women. Black women are still the least-likely to be coupled group of women in the US. Didn't Blind Gossip out her with a very obvious blind item not that long ago? Her husband had no idea he was bearding for her until after the marriage, and since he's fucked everything with a pulse. Expect an 'amicable' divorce in a couple of years. Goldwyn is one of the most sexually unappealing actors I've ever seen.

    There's something about him that just seems gross. The sex scenes between him and Washington are hilariously repetitive. She's weepin' and a wailin', he's bellowing about how much he loves her, she shrieks back at him and it all culminates with the two of them thrashing around under sheets on a big bed. Preach, r In my opinion they have zero sexual chemistry.

    I tony and kerry dating see what the Gladiators see I guess. But then, I don't get the fuss over this show. Shonda Rhimes is vastly overrated. And Washington can't act.

    And Goldwyn has dead eyes and no charisma. Sheldon and Amy have more heat. Then go away, R Your perceptions are of no interest or import. What the hell are you going on about, r? I have never called anyone a racist. In any thread. And my opinion is as relevant as yours.

    You sound like a loon. I think Fitz and Olivia were hot at first, but it's like Derek and Meredith I don't want them together, just like I want Meredith to kick Derek in his dick bone and go off on her own.

    It will be interesting to see if our actress ignores the photo or tries to buy it. She'll ignore it. That can be a public out for her. Let a photo like that go public a claim 'I didn't know' therefore a split.

    There was a blind last year saying late summer expect a split. Tony doesn't have a wife. They separated years ago and he moved out. I do not know why he pretends that they are still together. That part doesn't make any sense. I do not know for sure if anything happened between them but I do know that he gushes about her behind the scenes and lights right up whenever she is around.

    He loves that girl and its written all over his face. I remember hearing that they hooked up before and that they still hook up but I just don't believe that but we'll know if she ever shows the baby. I was at the Women in Film event last night, I work in the hospitality industry. I was assigned the part of the ballroom where Kerry was sitting, so I immediately focused on Kerry and Nnamdi.

    Nnamdi sneaked into the ballroom after Kerry was already sitting with the others at her table, and sat next to her. She barely acknowledged him when he sat. He just sat and looked awkward and embarrassed. Then as time went by, people were chatting and mingling and you know, doing the regular chatter thing one does at those events. It was surreal. At a point, he was sitting there speaking to no one, and she was busy chatting with her manager, her back to him.

    He looked disinterested and bored with the situation. She was completely ignoring him and she was talking to her manager in a serious fashion for quite some time, I tony and kerry dating they were discussing business. Normal things people in love do with each other. That started to give me serious pause. I saw Kerry repeatedly check her phone and text during breaks, but never older asian women masturbating I seen her show photos to anyone, especially not with Nnamdi.

    I was standing nearby so I had a very good visual. Not once. At best, that had to be a huge assumption on their part. The video Glamour posted shows interaction that was even better than what it was for most of the night. In the best case scenario they were looking in the same direction listening to the same person, or politely answering someone separately. I saw him half smile maybe three or four times in the whole evening. There was only one occasion when I saw they both smiled at the same time, and it was when Cate Blanchett was receiving her honor and she repeatedly cursed during her speech, talking about fuck-ups.

    No exchange between them, tony and kerry dating were just looking in her direction and smiling. That was the only time I saw him actually smile, or almost laugh, in the whole night. Then Kerry received her award.

    Nnamdi was behaving as if he was watching a complete stranger. He looked like a robot. I paid attention to that because as a husband, I think he had the duty to be the first to cheer and to start applauding her. Never once. Not a cheer, not anything other than polite clapping, that any stranger would do in that situation. Even worse, when it was time for everyone to go backstage to celebrate her win and take photos and hang out, he was left at the table.

    They can see phone screens but not this? Forgive me for focusing on that, but my jaw dropped when I read that story. I also heard chatter between two reporters who were also confused by the situation between Kerry and her husband, that was all too weird for newlyweds who are also supposed to have a newborn. How does one write about that awkward stuff? When it was time tony and kerry dating leave, Kerry left by herself, not with him.

    They got into their limo and left. He left by himself at a different time. Sorry for the long message, but I had a lot to say and alot to get off my chest. What I know and I am absolutely certain of now, is that they are not with each other. This is a completely truthful account of what went on, and other people love history were there can confirm it.

    Thank you for listening. Have a great night. I bet that baby is T. It's just the general public that's being fooled. I've heard similar things to what that person saw. So they're always fighting? Doubt it. I don't care about staged photo ops that looks like they're a few months old. I need to see that baby. That will tell everyone what the deal is. Until then, my gut tells me she's with TG. I thought Kerry was smarter than to be someone's beard.

    It's a shame she's walked down this road, tony and kerry dating. All of this to cover up a relationship with a co-star? His daughters are grown. He used to live with his father in LA while filming Scandal, but moved out recently.

    Very interesting comment from him. His own daughter said he had a girlfriend. My best guess is that he's separated not divorce. Hence still married. If that's his baby, it would explain this cover up. Getting knocked up by a married man is a no no. And for a black actress could ruin her image and career.

    Inside Kerry Washington's Extremely Private World

    If Asomugha is in fact gay, than she's not with him. I think people are just calling it bearding because they know he's gay. This isn't bearding, this is a gay man who was hired to be her cover. Tony and kerry dating was on some talk show today Kelly and Michael?? She is kind of private. Also a few months ago, she was in protest with the anti pap taking pictures of celeb kids.

    When is Jane Musky ever on the West coast? She seems to stay put on the East. Every pic I've seen in tony and kerry dating years of her, it's Im married and dating Coast. No offense to her, but she does not look to be in shape to go hiking. If the gossip is true about him being separated tony and kerry dating I suspect he is. There are a lot of indicationshe's either lying or he's referring to someone else.

    Does anyone know how you can tell if a Twitter account is fake? I ask because it appears Nnamdi Asomugha is on Twitter. There's a tweet on there about thanking people for their congratulations best wishes for his baby girl. Now, I'm wondering where was this account last year when people were looking for him on social media? The only thing that was found was his Foundation account.

    People said he wasn't on Twitter. His timeline goes back to So the account wasn't created this tony and kerry dating. This whole thing is very bizarre. Though, tony and kerry dating, this could be her PR team. Isn't bearding is when both people are hiding their sexuality? I haven't heard anything substantial about KW being gay.

    Maybe bi and leaning towards men. But that's it. A woman being bi is not seen as that big a deal. Even in Hollywood. Kerry Washington only dated white men until she got on Scandal a proud black show and abruptly married a black man after rumors of a relationship with Tony Goldwyn started. I agree that the marrying this guy after knowing him for 5 seconds seems strange, especially since she was engaged to David Moscow for several years.

    It seems weird though that she would marry a very dark man if she was having TG's baby, she could have married a white guy if that was the case. My guess is since she is not in her 20s, she decided to have a kid with someone that is not being hounded by paparazzi, and marrying a nobody would have caused more interest in the marriage than marrying a pro athlete, which he was at time, would. I think a big reason why a black guy was chosen to play fake husband, was to appease the black crowd.

    She's been criticized for years for only dating white man. Although that's kind of BS because she did have a black boyfriend in college. What I heard last year was that her family knows the Asomughas. This isn't some random NFL player.

    Kerry knew him already. This would explain why his sisters and mother was at the baby shower. And for her, to hide who she's really with. Win win for both sides. But now people who didn't know, are starting to find out that this guy is gay. So more questions are being raised. I don't think his Nigerian family would be fine with him being gay.

    If he is, he's closeted even to them. So i talk to her about…to Kerry about…. For me, somebody who really can…who manages to do. I hope "Terry is real. She deserves such a fine piece of man meat. Kerry Washington can't act her way out of a paper bag. She has one facial expression she uses to express every type of emotion: eyes wide, mouth open.

    She's scared; her eyes are wide and her mouth open. She's sad; her eyes are wide and her mouth open. She's turn on; single mom sex eyes are wide and her mouth open.


    Thought is was funny when Jane Fonda posted screen shots of Kerry's baby shower on her blog and then said she had not seen Kerry since she had the baby and Kerry was still walking around pretending to be pregnant. Jane tony and kerry dating told to take the blog pictures down. All i want is for Liv and Frit to get back together. If not i will be exscandal. Jake and Liv does not go together.

    Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. But I'm confused. Isn't he actually gay? OMG his wife looks like a man.

    A very free single ladies dating site man. Leave her Tony, you're gorgeous, handsome face, big muscles, you've always been a hottie! I'm with R3. That thing has to have a penis The man has no eyebrows!

    That Jane Musky that everyone links to is not Tony Goldwyn's wife. She's a production designer. This pic was taken this year February She's better looking of course but not necessarily "drop dead gorgeous". I just love that Tony walks like he has a ten inch dick. Maybe they are mother and daughter. Nah, he could do better than the wife. Kerry was cute tony and kerry dating nothing like she looks today without the nosejob. R10's photo is of Goldwyn's daughter with Musky. Kerry's nose has been chopped down by a nosejob.

    R19 is correct. That's Tony's daughter. It is too. Kerry's prettier than the wife, it wouldn't surprise me if he's cheating on her. Can someone draw eyebrows on a picture of him? So who is this Liz Goldwyn? Another daughter? Liz Goldwyn is Tony's stepsister from another mother - Peggy. Tony's daughters Tess on the left, Anna on the right. That pic of Tony and Lynn is really hot.

    LOVE his chest hair. I thought Kerry is gay. Never heard that before. Kerry is not gay Can we can that stupid tween term "shippers"? R30, Calm down They look tony and kerry dating close to me. He has his arm around her waist.

    How do you know r35? Terry shippers This shit.

    Kerry Washington & Tony Goldwyn Getting Too Close Off Screen For Tony's Wife?

    Tony's wife has always been a handsome woman. WTF would you want to keep 'Musky' as tony and kerry dating last name? OMG, maybe she's secretly fucking Obama, and Tony and kerry dating found out! Maybe she wanted to be somewhere else. Or had a headache. For fuck sake, I'm confused! Is that manly woman his wife or not??? That's Jane Musky, Tony's wife. So in the immortal words of Faye, as Joan - ' Hollywood Royalty'. Overly serious dork.

    R54 sounds like he's never had a serious relationship given his immature view of marriage. Unless he's also gay and she sensed that and made a smart marriage for her career. Tony's brother is gay and is married to his partner. Tony has done a lot of nudity over the years.

    Tony with eyebrows--circa He's nothing special to look at. R64 is one of those "fat frau black fangirls". And I am black if anyone is asking. The gay brother also married a mannish looking woman,r53 who was slightly older than him.


    If this was my husband, we would have a serious talk about this scene She is skin and bones tony and kerry dating no tits to speak of. Not attractive. Maybe he's with Jane coz he has mommy issues Kerry's bi BUT she prefers men especially white guys. I thought she was a lesbian? No she likes dick but the white ones. Kerry Washington is the whitest black girl ever. As for Washington and him having an affair?

    My vote is no. Forget the wife, more photos of Tony Goldwyn. The man is a total hunk. Do you know how to use it? Jane Musky's web site:.

    Jane Musky the production designer has been married to Tony Goldwyn since Picture of Jane Musky from her web site:. R85, You went back in tony and kerry dating archives for that pix Tony Goldwyn is NOT handsome! R66, the term "shipper" was not coined by black people. I love how Tony has kept his body in such great shape after all these years.

    Reaction innovations worm ass is phenomenal. She's gay people. R97 Wrong she's bi,people! She likes vanilla guys too. She is a home wrecking slut BUT a bi-sexual home wrecking slut not a gay one. No way any man in Hollywood been intimate with just one woman for 30 years. No Way Jose!!!!!! Much more intimate. I smell another DL fangurl invasion. Tony just does not seem like himself this past week

    Tony and kerry dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)