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    Guillaume [nods] : At a certain point. But it is refreshing to have them at the rink, they definitely add an over-dynamic to the team — and it does push us, it pushes us and the coaches, I think it challenges everyone, really, and I think we mostly learn from that. And in the course of the last three seasons, you did just that: you stood by your own rules, you remained true to yourselves. Post to Cancel. Gabriella papadakis and guillaume cizeron dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    And you will find this story, and so many other little yet relevant stories from their career so far, in our conversation below. Actually, no one doubts at this point that you can have it. How did this happen? For the world of ice dance — with the immobility we have seen for years — your progress, your results seem absolutely fantastic. Have you digested it yet? Have you analyzed it, figured out how it happened?

    Gabriella Papadakis: Not really… [while she continues to laugh].

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    But winning that World gold medal in only your second season in seniors… were you surprised by it? Guillaume: Yeah. I think the first win in Shanghai [in Cup of China] was a really big surprise for us. Gabriella: Going into the event we were looking for a medal and, most likely, it was the bronze. Starting the season, we were trying to get into Top 10 [smiling].

    But sitting in the Kiss in Cry in Shanghai, do you remember what you felt at gabriella papadakis and guillaume cizeron dating moment when the scores showed up? And so much has happened since then, but it still feels like yesterday. Guillaume: Yeah, and because we always look on the future, you know?


    We never really take the time to look back. Because, from the outside, you clearly see it: after your win in Shanghai, every one else started to look at the rankings with much more hope. In juniors it was a totally different scene, juniors are just so different….

    Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron sharing a beautiful moment at PyeongChang (2018)

    Just by talking to skaters, in different interviews, you can see they look up to you and your progress…. Yes, that was pretty much it with ice dancing for a whole lot of years: you needed to wait your turn. Putting a spell on the figure skating world with their Mozart free dance at World Championships in Shanghai — and instilling hope in every other dancing team out there. Looking back at these past three seasons, this one included, how these experiences changed you?

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    As individuals, as athletes approaching training…. Guillaume [smiling] : Oh, wow, it is so different, I think. To me, you also acted maturely when you decided to follow Romain to Montreal and to completely change your way of life….

    We just came and… [shrugging her shoulders]. And the experience of winning all these competitions… has this changed you? Because there must be expectations, there must be pressure…. They placed 5 th in the short dance, third in the free dance, and third overall in December held in Barcelona. In Januarythey ranked first in gabriella papadakis and guillaume cizeron dating segments at the European Championships in Stockholm and took the gold medal by a margin of 8. On 28 AugustPapadakis sustained a cerebral concussion after a fall in practice.

    After her recovery, she returned to competition in December to win their second title.


    This rising star was called as one of the biggest surprises. As the Sochi Olympic season concluded inwho could have predicted that Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron would turn the world of ice dance on its head and push the sport in a new direction toward PyeongChang? Four titles were up for grabs as the European Championships came to the Czech Republic for the first time since The duo steadily improved, notching fifth-place finishes at the World Juniors in and recording their first title at JGP France that summer.

    They missed the cut for the Sochi Games, but refused to let the challenges affect their determination. They also started skating full-time and, quite suddenly, things began to improve. Papadakis and Cizeron won world and European titles that season. She explained the change in their approach, telling NBC Olympics :. It was just something that we did a lot, but we were also going to school and having normal lives.

    The change worked. Besides that, the couple even managed to gabriella papadakis and guillaume cizeron dating level-four marks for all their elements in a dance competition. My worst nightmare at the Olympics.

    Gabriella papadakis and guillaume cizeron dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)