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    You hereby warrant that you are 16 years of age or older or are visiting the Website under parental supervision. In , rumors surfaced online that Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler had become engaged. Beaming Anna Faris looks smitten with new boyfriend And Barrett as the pair enjoy another day in Venice Beaming smile Jay Z adorably tells nine-year-old girl at his concert she can be the president best online dating names the US After admitting their guilt, they help Troy and Gabriella make the callbacks, as well as the game and decathlon. Si No. Is troy and gabriella dating in real life [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    Once again, there is no kiss completion. Sure, the demographics for HSM viewers skewed younger - younger than high school age probably. But a long simmering teen romance without so much as a kiss? Not even after they officially start dating? That stretches credulity - at least, now that we're all so much older. This might seem like a small detail, just something that has to do with a prop, but it's pretty significant.


    If you were a super fan, as many of us were, you might have spotted something a little off during that opening scene of HSM2 at the lockers. Now, there was a lot going on, but as Troy and Gabriella talk, her locker door opens and we see a picture of the two of them taped inside the door - a professional photo portrait. A high school couple who just started dating marches into a photo studio to get an expensive professional photo shoot?

    A selfie with puppy dog ear filters would have been much more realistic.


    Let's get this straight. Troy, through his connection to Sharpay, gets Gabriella and the gang jobs for the summer. Sure, Troy is spending more time with Sharpay, but she's also helping him set up his future by introducing him to people who could help him. He's setting up his college career in basketball and more. How does Gabriella, the perfect girlfriend, respond?

    Because he's spending time trying to look after his future, and not as much on her, Gabriella feels neglected and breaks up with him. What's more, his other Wildcat friends feel the same way.

    In fact, as soon as she is troy and gabriella dating in real life him how she feels, she literally gets in her car and takes off back home. No discussion, no nothing. Is this really how a perfect girlfriend would handle things? If we were Troy now we'd just let her go. After Gabriella suddenly goes back home in HSM2, once she's broken up with Troy over his supposed selfishness, Troy is convinced of the error of his ways.

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    He goes back to working in the kitchen with the Wildcats, but he's also working on a song with Sharpay for the Star Dazzle Talent Show. However, there are shenanigans going on that he doesn't know about. The Wildcats - obviously with Gabriella in on the plan - get Troy to learn a new song for the talent show. But, Sharpay doesn't know it, so she can't join him on stage. Hey, we thought she was supposed to be the nice one!

    Getting back together by subterfuge friends dating site shafting somebody else's turn is definitely a mean girl move. In the haze of preteen fandom, it was all a romantic happy ending. But seriously, in real life, not cool! Nowadays, if a friend told you they'd been seeing someone for a year or so, had broken up, and then gotten back together again before they kissed for the first time, you'd think you were hearing about some catfishing story.

    What was the problem for so long? Yet, on HSM2, when that first kiss finally comes at the very, very end, after the duet that mends their rift, it was the ultimate Troyella moment. It's funny how, as young viewers, we saw them as having an absolutely perfect relationship. They hang out at is troy and gabriella dating in real life and sing together.

    That's all it took back then. Or, so we all thought. But, a year without so much as a kiss - that's just not normal. Troy, the dreamy boyfriend we all wished we'd had back then, naturally asks Gabriella to the prom.

    Also naturally, he's picked the perfect place to do it - on their romantic rooftop hideaway. By the way, how is it that the two of them have access to the rooftop in the first place? Moving along Gabriella agrees, but the two of them shyly admit to each other that neither has ever been to a dance before. We can leave aside all those dance numbers we've already seen them in, fine.

    Nobody knows how to dance. But, then Gabriella proceeds to show Troy how to waltz. The waltz hasn't been a thing with teens since the 18th century, we think. How does this non-dancer somehow know the good old fashioned step? Inquiring minds need to know. Communication is one of those elements that is crucial to a good relationship. It's a realization most people come to once they're actually in one. Our HSM number-one couple, though, not only don't seem to understand how to communicate, they don't seem to think it's at all important.

    Gabriella gets accepted into Stanford in some kind of honors program that actually starts before the school year ends. It's a long, long way from Albuquerque to Stanford. And Troy - her beloved boyfriend? She doesn't even tell him about it. When Troy finally does find out from Sharpay, Mr Perfect Boyfriend isn't hurt, or put off, not even a little bit. He shows up at her place with pizza and encouraging words.

    He's happy for her. Somehow, we feel like this would is troy and gabriella dating in real life out quite differently in real life. In the third movie, after Gabriella is accepted at Stanford, she finds out she can start early muslim websites usa the honors program.

    Is that even a thing? As in, how can she start university when she hasn't graduated high school yet? She hands her part in the school musical over to Sharpay. She leaves Albuquerque for Stanford, California, but at first vows to return for prom and to say goodbye. Once she's in Northern Cali, though, she has a change of heart. Gabriella calls Troy to tell him that she won't be coming back after all. It's too many goodbyes. That's a pretty poor excuse for breaking up with your first love.

    She loves him so intel room, but then gets used to being away from him in a really short period of time, and just throws in the towel. Does anything this girl does make sense? Sure, when you're 12, it seems really romantic that Troy would drive 1, miles from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Stanford in Northern California to be with Gabriella rather than go to his own prom.

    Likewise, that he'd switch his college ambitions from Albuquerque to Berkeley just to be near her. Now that we're older, we can see that Troy needs some serious counseling on finding his own way in life without constantly giving in to Gabriella's unyielding demands. Darbus gives the two the lead roles, making Sharpay and Ryan understudies.

    Sharpay does not received a scholariship to the Juilliard School like she had hoped and will study the dramatic arts at the University of Albuquerquebut has agreed to do troy to East High to assist Ms. The first film chronicles events occurring over several weeks in their junior year of gabriella dating school, with the second film taking place the following summer.

    Although the musical being performed was not High School Musicalthe film was the inspiration behind the show. Meet the celebrity contestants The biggest z-list stars have moved into the jungle for the seventeenth series - Meet this is troy and gabriella dating in real life I'm A Celeb cast.

    We Are Your Friends. After finding out that the agents really want her dog, not her, she befriends the star, Amber Lee Adams, who manipulates her into doing chores, being her manager in exchange for her dog's role, until she sees Amber Lee's true face.

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    Beaming Anna Faris looks smitten with new boyfriend And Barrett as the pair enjoy another day in Venice Beaming smile Jay Z adorably tells nine-year-old girl at his concert she can be the president best online dating names the US After admitting their guilt, they help Troy and Gabriella make the callbacks, as well as the game and decathlon.

    Today's Top Stories. Zendaya Borrowed an Outfit from Tom Holland. Did I just blow your mind? Troy never actually asked Gabriella to be his girlfriend. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Here's a List of Tom Holland Movies.

    Is troy and gabriella dating in real life [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)