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    I had also skipped lunch that d Jessica Niratsapani "My lovely home! There was a time in the recent past when one out of every three people in the chatroom was a room moderator, and most of them needed moderating themselves. Would you like to comment? Birchplace chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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    Wonderful people! Well, with an exception or two. The sweetest personalities in the chat world might very well hang out in the ES chatroom. The chat interface is the standard Ning software and it works well. Good info, nice people, a great look but the chatroom is very underused.


    But I continue to check in occasionally in hopes it comes birchplace chat room life but, so far, there has been no change. I recently got an email from the website saying that someone had commented on one of my photos.

    The email contained a link to the comment. But when I clicked on the link, I was informed that only paid subscribers have access to that area.


    Birchplace chat room can this be? The forum moderator was very responsive and quickly explained that yes, only paid subscribers can see this. The link to the current issue of Frock has been removed from my main menu. Sad, Katie. Very sad. I get to the chat site from TgTalk but I believe there are other front end sites too that all lead to the same place. So you may be familiar with this site by a different name.


    TGGuide is another way to get here, and there are others. This one is actually a pretty good chat room.

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    Lots of diversity and maybe a little less drama than average. Average interface, average traffic flow and moderators who lurk invisibly while making sure that not only the person who committed the infraction is aware of their wrongdoing, but every user in every room sees a quoted rule flash across their screen. I struggle with this site. On one hand, the people are fabulous.

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    Claire - tv says: I think julia should get lines too Claire - tv says: oh you are welcome Julia Claire - tv says: Hi Julia, Madame is certainly being very "generous" on the birchplace chat room thread in our group "Lines Today' perhaps you should join us

    Birchplace chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)