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    It was pretty obvious why they came to the play. And greet her well! Latvia X Reader [Labels] I'm pretty sure some of the stuff in here is beyond exaggeration Hetalia chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    Seconds later the bell rings. Latvia X Reader [Labels] I'm pretty sure some of the stuff in here is beyond exaggeration You tapped your pen to your lips as you looked up from the quiz in front of you to the new transfer student from somewhere near Russia who was busy scribbling away at his own paper.


    Sighing, you leaned back and stretched in your seat before writing down one of the answers and looking at him again. From what you could see, he had blond hair and was kind of short, but what worried you the most was the way his hand trembled as he wrote, as if he was terrified of something. That hetalia chat room probably be what would end up labeling him. Something negative like 'Scaredy-Cat' or 'Baby' since those weren't yet taken.

    You personally didn't know why you bothered immediately concerning yourself over the new kids that showed up every once in a while. Most of them were received positively by the crowd and received nice labels, while very few others, like yourself, had taken. I am so freaking exhausted! I hear Arthur scoff from the doorway, before swinging it closed. But no, you just had to tell hetalia chat room snooty Frenchman that we'd arrive, and now the both of us are in huge sweaters and a whole two hours of our lives were wasted on some foreign film from India.

    I lay on my side, facing the back of the couch. I can't move. You think you can how to find korean friends on facebook up enough strength to move yourself to the bed so you can fall asleep there?

    I groan and curl into the couch a little. I'll be passing out here. I'm going to bed with my t. Cacophobia-France Francis Bonnefoy, personification of France. France, the city of love, the city of beauty. Francis, the man of love, and the man of beauty. No one knows what he does everyday to obtain that beauty.

    He hates for anyone to be with him when he wakes up because his fear kicks in and makes him paranoid. He doesn't go outside on rainy days, for it is there when his fear likes to creep up on him. All the styling products in his bathroom, all the cosmetics. It's all so it can hetalia chat room his fear. The fear he lived with all his life. When he and Arthur fight, Arthur likes to call him frog-face. He doesn't know just how much those words hurt Francis. Even alone in his house, he has to look beautiful.

    He hates to feel other-wise. That fear that presses into his skull everyday is the fear of being ugly.

    Spamano-Don't Leave Me Another argument. Well, it's not necessarily an argument, just Romano, shouting at Spain for no reason, hetalia chat room. He doesn't mean to do it, it's just all he knows. He's actually surprised that he put up with him. Romano wouldn't even be able to put up with himself. He actually hated himself. He hated the fact that he simply has no room in his heart for love.

    No matter how hard he tried. He does love Spain, he loves him more than he can say, literally. He tries so hard to tell him that, but all that comes out his mouth is insults and curses.

    Well, this time, Spain has had it. He's sick and tired of showing Romano love, and having it thrown back in his face harshly. If Romano wasn't going to love him back, there was no reason to stay. He was leaving. He wasn't coming back until Romano learned how to, not hetalia chat room love himself. Hetalia by EscapeFromWithin. View More. You stood in a crowd of people, waiting for someone's name to be called for this year's Hunger Games.

    This year was different though. For some reason, the reason hetalia chat room to the public, there was to be only one tribute from each district.

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    You crossed your fingers. The flamboyant representative for your district, named Flavio, plunged his hand in the large glass bowl. He delicately unfolded the paper. You felt silent tears dripping down your cheeks, and all of your friends hugged you tightly. You gently hetalia chat room themselves off of you and wobble up the steps.

    Flavio wraps an arm around your shoulders. Everyone clapped. Except your friends and family. They just wept. And by friends, you meant the whole school. You were pretty popular, despite your p. But I'm Too Shy! Part 6- AmericaxShy! A Thanksgiving dance eh? You had heard about this from some older kids around your neighborhood.

    Apparently the school goes all out in decorating the gym and this dance is sort of a big deal. Hetalia chat room for underclassmen who won't have any other dances until junior prom. When did you get here? Did I scare ya? You heard him chuckle from behind your back.


    Hetalia: School Pictures Canada hated school picture day. It was pointless that he would have to make an extra effort to look neat and well-presented for the photographs when no one would remember who he was when they finally saw hetalia chat room picture. He'd rather be forgotten than be known as a jerk. America already gained this reputation, but it seemed that only Canada suffered for it.

    Sometimes, he wish he related to a different country. But only very quietly when he was alone. Only then. Canada sighed as he sat on the side of the gymnasium, which was being used for school pictures that day. He had only been in three pictures that day: his class picture, his picture with the hockey team and a picture with America into which he had been reluctantly dragged into at hetalia chat room l.

    Workandpotatoes : Sie dont haben ein Leben, nicht wahr?

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    Spending a Saturday night talking to strangers! Besides, you and cutie Italy hetalia chat room no strangers to me! IloveRomano : Veneciano! Look, we are like a little family! Im so happy!

    Let's all eat Tomatoes! PastaPizzaandLudwig : Yay! I love tomatoes! Just as much as I love Pastaaaa! I think we should eat them with potatoes! Ilovetomatoes : Idiota! Look what that German Ass did to you already! See what happens when you sleep with Germans! PastaPizzaandLudwig : not yet. But sometimes when I was scared I would go into his room and sleep with him :D. Ilovetomatoes : But Veneciano! You sleep naked!

    Spain what's up with your username? IloveRomano : How would you know that Italy sleeps naked Romano? D: you like it? PastaPizzaandLudwig : Hetalia chat room do! But fratello knows that I sleep naked because sometimes we sleep together! I always use Alex for my 2P!

    America, not many people do though. I ussually go with Matt or Mattieu for him XD. Mhm x3. Jun 08, PM. Jun 10, PM. Jun 27, PM, hetalia chat room. Jun 28, AM. Moriko wrote: "To clear any confusion once the roleplay starts, it might be a good idea big girl dating uk have a topic where you post information about each 2P!

    There are multiple personalities for various character I actually kind of like that idea, and will make a thread for that. Jul 01, AM. Yay, I was finally able to join the group! Jul 01, PM. Welcome Raxanne! I meant to respond to your message earlier, but I've been a bit busy. Jul 02, PM. No worries. And I spelled your name wrong.

    I shouldn't type when I first wake up XD. America's name bein' Alex? Or would'ja like me to use a different one? Jul 05, PM. Calling him Alfred here would just be confusing though. You can't hetalia chat room and always post things like "2P! Alfred walked into the room.

    I mean, what if he ran into the 1P America and they introduced themselves and found out that they both had the exact same name??? It'd be way too weird. It's simpler to just stick with calling him Alex. Sep 17, PM. None of the characters have "official" names. There are names that are commonly used, but the creator of Hetalia never gave them official names.

    Hetalia chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)