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    Grab a chance to be happy! I am:. My age is. My age:. Brony chat room live in.


    My location:. My email address is. My email:. Also my character is a unicorn named Stardust. Her pelt is dark blue and her mane and tail are silver with dark blue streaks throughout them. Her cutie mark is a shooting star and she got it because of her talent of being able to spot constellations in the brony chat room sky. Her eyes are emerald green and she is a fully grown mare moving to Ponyville from Fillydelphia. Ask one of the mods in the chat to change your class for you.

    Prev 1 2 More from Bronies Fan Project needs some attention! Hello everypony!

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    I'm here to bring to your attention an awesome brony chat room project! These coins are, as he calls them, "faithfully designed Equestrian money," and are the "unofficial official" bits!

    These coins are in fact collectible, and each comes with their own individual certificate of authenticity! As you can see, these coins are of very fine quality, and are pretty cheap too!

    Check out both :icontidalkraken:'s dA page and the website for updates and getting your own coin! Tell your friends! Tell all the bronies you know! Everypony should know that these are great collector's items for great value! NLR vs. SE - Round 4! EDIT Hello hello! Welcome to the fourth hot single mom sex in our double-group contest! So far we have had armor designs, daring Princess rescues, and working together to fight the Changeling menace!

    This week, the time has come We will stand together, and face the Changeling threat! We will not despair, and we will not allow them to steal and feed off our love! We shall be victorious! We shall overcome! For Equestria we march! The fight has begun! Being loud and upfront is not Princess Luna's way. This week, if you're on the New Lunar Republic side, Your task is to draw ponies in covert-ops brony chat room the Changelings!

    Infiltration, cunning, deception, ponies being stealthy, anything at all! Due date: March 25th We hope to see all of you participate!

    Brony Chat Room

    You can make your own stealth armor! Final Round Contest Results! It's been a long time. We've been through thin and thick together. Though at long last, through the power of friendship, harmony, and magic, the ponies of Brony chat room have banded together, fighting the Changeling threat! Through night and day, we have managed to defeat the Queen Chrysalis and her evil changelings once more, and bring peace and harmony to all Equestria! Our group has worked with :iconmlpfriendshipismagic:, and we are victorious!

    Runner up 2: by usernameirrelevant We thank everypony for participating in this long contest! All prizes will be given out shortly. And don't forget, our Grand Prize winners will be announced soon! The prizes include a one-year dA Premium Membership AND one of their contest pieces featured in :iconbest-of-mlp-fim:, a prestigious high-quality art group! Grand Prize Winner! Fifth Element here. I'm here brony chat room announce the Grand Prize winner of the multi-month Solar Empire vs.

    New Lunar Republic but secretly Changelings contest. Remember, the grand prize winner gets a Year Long Premium Membership! They also get featured in this group here: Click on the picture to take you to the group!

    Congratulations Cannibalus! But I would like to also thank everypony for participating in the contest! Your entries are what gave this contest life, and made it what it is today! Stay tuned for more contests soon!


    What is a Brony? While for a while the term Brony was used to mean boy, teenager or adult male who likes my little pony: friendship is magic, in this group we use the word to mean anybody who likes the show.

    A gender neutral word.

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    Similarly to how "Cool story bro" isn't always directed at males. Bronies, to me, are anybody who likes the show, no matter how much they like it. My age is. My age:. Select your age. I live in. My location:. My email address is. My email:.

    Brony chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)