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    My own answer - since you ax - is a firm maybe. Everyone individually. Vegas Sat Jul 27, pm 54 Comments. Around miners and their families traveled to Washington, D. Democratic chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    It's the least these corporations and wealthy individuals can do for the country that makes them wealthy. Republicans are going to lie and say you won't be able to get in to see your doctor. But these claims have no merit and have never been proven. This level of state ownership is double what you see democratic chat rooms China. In the US, the same figure is Norway has one of the highest homeownership rates in the world.

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    Overall 82 percent of people over the age of 16 live in a house they own. For the US, it is around 64 percent. This must mean that a large chunk of the private wealth is housing. And while owner-occupied housing obviously is wealth of a sort, it is somewhat different from the means of production in some important respects. And when home ownership is close to universal, even the egalitarian case against it starts to wither. So that raises the question: how much of the non-home wealth does the Norwegian state own?

    The Norwegian national accounts provide an democratic chat rooms of total household dwelling assets. But they do not provide an accounting of total mortgage debt. Nonetheless, when I contacted Statistics Norway, they indicated that a rough estimate for total mortgage debt could be calculated using a survey that publishes the average remaining mortgage debt of homeowners.

    By multiplying that average by 82 percent of the number of households, you can get an aggregate mortgage debt figure. From there, you can go into the same national accounts that produced the first graph above, then subtract all home equity out of the denominator and arrive at an estimate for the percent of non-home wealth owned by the Norwegian state.

    If you assume that mortgage debt as a percent of housing assets remained steady over the last few decades, you can also get an estimate of this same figure going back in time. Some emphasize democratic chat rooms worker ownership i. Some think wages and salaries are problematic e.

    The one thing almost all strands have in common is the idea that collective ownership of capital within a relevant economic unit is a key socialist principle. But regardless of what label you apply to it, Norway at minimum proves that it is possible democratic chat rooms dating a smart high levels of state ownership with a high degree of prosperity.

    And no, this is not just about its oil: high levels of state ownership prevailed even before the oil fund began in As noted last week, I think Singapore also proves this point. In Singapore, the state owns 90 percent of the land and over 80 percent of the homes while posting high levels of income and growth. In Norway, the state owns 76 percent of the non-home wealth while also remaining very productive, democratic chat rooms.

    Now imagine if you combined them. This funding source allows us to do our work without being compromised by the corporate money other think tanks rely on.


    So libtards, the supreme court ruled for trump's wall funding. Vegas Sat Jul 27, pm 54 Comments. Its highly likely the wall will be built. Does it piss you off knowing that your illegal votes will be going down the toilet? WillFranklin Sat Jul 27, pm 16 Comments. Republicans have had their way.

    Nobody could stop them. The corporate tax rate is the lowest I have ever seen. The marginal federal democratic chat rooms tax rates on the wealthy were also cut again.

    Yet growth for was a mere 2. And this year is democratic chat rooms looking any better. Please note that all chatters are required to follow the Chat Room Rules below: 1 The same Terms of Service apply within the chatroom, as on the sites. Enter at your own risk. Nudity in other chatrooms OR encouraging members to display nudity in chatrooms will result in account deletion.


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