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    Gasol likes it in Memphis and they will pay him and their team is really good. Winderman forecasts more playing time for first-round pick Tyler Herro. You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy. Rick: The Mavs have far better shooters than Chicago. Though I think much of that is the Heat's strategy in transition D. Miami heat chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    Kanter and Monroe both have real defensive issues, which is a problem, but Monroe will be entering his age season and Kanter miami heat chat room age season and they both have plusses to their games as well as pretty good health records.

    I have no idea where Rondo will go, but I think the market for him will be very soft. Dragic will probably stay in Miami. I think Gasol will do one of three things:. Robert: My comment above was not in rebuttal to yours. As you mentioned you are somewhat in alignment.

    Durant is already breaking down some, Miami heat chat room is killing himself keeping OKC in the 8th spot right now and does not hit FA for another two years after this one. A solid all around pro. Plus, he was known as a selfish player in Utah.

    Additionally, I have noticed that he is playing better in OKC — his shooting percentage and rebounding are all up significantly.


    So it may have been a question of getting out of Utah. As to Kanter, I have seen him a lot on League Pass. He is slow and floor-bound, and that is a real problem. But he has a great base and a nice touch around the basket.

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    He is only 22 turns 23 in Maylike I said, and he went to a prep school in Simi Valley, so he might be a guy who would like to come here and be a piece in a rebuild. With Favors and Gobert there, Utah was not a good fit, obviously. I think Kanter would fit better in miami heat chat room rotation with Randle, Davis, and Kelly. That group would not put the West on high alert, of course, but it is young with some diverse skills.

    CHAT: Miami Heat Sign Michael Beasley

    If the Lakers had a bunch of picks piled up, I would be looking a little more at keeping all the powder dry and staying patient through a couple of more tank years.

    Very good post. Young and improving, he has already shown the requisite work ethic to become a very good starter. In fact, I am having a hard time seeing the lakers hanging on to the 4th spot, with Orlando playing horribly and the hot single mom sex playing frighteningly well.

    Realistic best case: we miami heat chat room fourth and Mudiay is there. Awesome guard, franchise changer upside. He and Clarkson play a two guard front with Kobe playing the three in very limited minutes. We get Harris. Resign Ed Davis as noted. BPA with the Houson pick; but look for a big or three with length and defensive potential. Agree with the opinions given above concerning Khris Middleton.

    There is nobody available who is a franchise changer. The Lakers need to build piece by piece. Go after a Monroe or Kanter. Find out what Philly miami heat chat room to do with Embiid. Do the due diligence on Middleton and Tobias Harris. Look for younger players who are good and looking for playing time and a chance to blossom. The approach of looking to sign that one knight in shining armor to ride in and save the team is way too sketchy and is too prone to failure.

    A lot of folks are wont miami heat chat room say that being mired in mediocrity, meaning that a team is not championship calibre but too good for the lottery, is the worst place to be. And they have an arguable point. But a different sort of purgatory is being a fan of a team and being ambiguous as to their efforts on the court. To me, that is also a special form of hell.

    Rooting for a team on the way up has got to be better than secretly hoping for hard fought losses to seize more ping pong balls. Kris Middleton stats: ppg Age Very similar production. Middleton is the better athlete, Harris better all-around skills. Either one in my estimation, can be had by over paying somewhat, as both the Bucks and Magic are budget operations.

    Miami Heat Rumors 2019: 3 Players The Heat Will Target In 2019 NBA Free Agency

    The Bucks, for example, just traded Brandon Knight away rather than have him hit free agency. Agree to disagree. I would have done everythong the FO did miami heat chat room for the length of youngs deal. He can be a Paul Milsap if he develops an outside shot which I think he will. Which is why I have a one track mind when it comes to the Lakers right now. If you feel the way we do, how else can the problem be fixed?

    Otherwise the list you are agreeing to is quite amazing. Aaron: Where he is leaning to go is only part of the KD equation. The other part is that he is now showing signs of wear and tear. Maybe this is a non-issue if he finishes up this year strong and has a healthy campaign next season. Miami heat chat room, it would give me pause if he continues to have foot related problems heading into FA. Can you imagine dealing with that over a four year max deal?

    Aaron: Jim and Mitch have already made all the right decisions so far. Last yerar and this year they thought they had enough to compete.


    Where the team actually ended up is a commentary at how out of touch they are with what is going on in the real world. Where you can watch : 5pm miami heat chat room time on ESPN. Previous Post.

    Next Post. Comments Wow: 3rd quarter, no comments? For Warren? We are all having a party at Jack Nickelsons house. Very good game. Can see some positive chemistry and willingness to compete from a few players.

    The lack of traffic on this site says it all. Whiteside is a monster… we should definately throw some money at him! Is this rock bottom yet? Please let me know when we get there…. BleedPG… A statue of Dr. Buss would be epic. Azzemoto: The lack of traffic on this site says it all. Oldtimer, The only free agents you listed that seriously miami heat chat room want to come here next year are Rondo and Monroe.

    Calvin: Yep, I noted it In mod. Oldtimer, great, great post. I still think we are gonna pick up a nice draft pick and at lest one good FA. Embiid may be worth a gamble. I love the way he plays the game! Love will stay in Clv. That is a team with all five starters 24 or younger. Given time that is a championship core. Absolutely no to McGee. Saw him here in DC — not worth the trouble. Butler was being sought by other teams in better position to contend right away, such as the ClippersLakers and Rocketsor he could have stayed with the Sixersbut he liked the idea of being the first star for the Heat to build around.

    He also remembered the words of former Bulls teammate Dwyane Wade. Twitter link. A report today indicates that Oklahoma City is pessimistic about its chances of moving Paul and may keep him on the roster for the entire season. The Heat are reluctant to absorb that much salary because it would restrict their flexibility for the summer of As cap expert Albert Nahmad notes via Twitterthe Thunder acquired two first-round picks by swapping Westbrook for Paul.

    It will be interesting to see if the Thunder and Rockets finalize their part of the trade this week, or if they continue to hold off on making it official in case it can be turned into a three-team deal. The Thunder wanted to grant Westbrook his preferred destination once OKC decided to go into full rebuild mode. His friendship with James Harden proved vital, according to Iko, and put Houston over the top compared to the Heatthe other main bidder for Westbrook.

    The Heat have signed forward Kyle Alexanderaccording to a team press release. Alexander played eight summer league games for the Heat in Sacramento and Las Vegas, averaging 4. He started as a senior, averaging 7.

    The Heat have more contract decisions to make starting on August 1, when the partial guarantees for Kendrick Nunn and Yante Maten are both set to increase. The Wizards let promising point guard and restricted free agent Tomas Satoransky leave in free agency, and the team has perhaps signaled it wants to go younger by acquiring seven players with one or fewer years of NBA service this summer, including first-round pick Rui Hachimura.

    If Beal decides not to sign an extension, it will force Washington into the same conundrum that other teams have recently faced, and as Buckner notes, when a star player does not sign an extension, it usually ends with a break-up between player and team see the Knicks and Kristaps Porzingis and the Celtics and Kyrie Irving as two recent examples.

    But it would likely take an organization with draft picks and young prospects intriguing to the Wizards to pull off a potential trade for Beal. Buckner notes the NuggetsHeatand Timberwolves as franchises that fit that criteria. Username or Email Address. So if Mario can develop his spot-up jumper, he can do the job. Obviously the Miami Heat have coalesced into a NBA juggernaut and is on track to win the title in their first year, their game 2 meltdown notwithstanding.

    The lion's share of credit for this achievement seems to be given to the two superstars Wade and James and their sidekick Bosh.

    The Heat's coach Erik Spoelstra seems to be overlooked despite Kevin Arnovitz's recent excellent profile of Spoelstra, and even the players do not acknowledge Spoelstra's role and contributions often, and even when they do so, they do so grudgingly. Arnovitz does not seem to address this in miami heat chat room otherwise great Spoelstra profile. What's the real deal about Spoelstra and his contributions to the Heat's achievements and his relationship with his players, especially Wade and James?

    Kenneth: I had a lengthy one-on-one conversation with Wade about Spoelstra and rest assured that he's completely devoted to Spoelstra. I'll go so far as to say that I'm not certain Spoelstra would've been named coach in had Wade not had the relationship he free single dating site with Spoelstra.

    Do you think miami heat chat room reason why the Heat took so many bad shots was because they were making tough shots before? Is the reason this series is tied because the Heat thought they could make those tough shots?

    I know this may be personal, miami heat chat room, but who is Chris Bosh's closest teammate? It always seems he's by himself? Is he as independent as he looks? Joe: I do think Chris is a bit of a lone wolf.

    He's a different miami heat chat room. He reads a lot, is conversant on Malcolm Gladwell, prefers a nice restaurant to a club and is pretty cerebral. Wasn't the play to win last night's game very similar to one used to late in a game in the Bulls series?

    Andres: They ran the pick-and-roll, but Dallas covered it beautifully. But, Dallas also pulled toward the middle. Since Haslem and Bosh were stacked on the weak side, now there was only 1 defender for the 2 of them Dirk was that guy. Once Haslem pinned Dirk, that bought Bosh space for the open baseline jumper.

    Great patience by the Heat. Curious for some inside insight here guys Basically designed to try to breed some kind of discontent between these two. Is that why they decided to conduct interviews together? If so, brilliant move - miami heat chat room really makes it hard for the media to twist things and take quotes out of context when they are both sitting there next to eachother.

    Tom: I believe the joint interviews are deliberate. Howard Beck of the New York Times wrote a smart story about this a few weeks back.

    Any comments on FT discrepancy in favor of Dallas despite fact Miami was the team more aggressively attacking the basket while Dallas was content to shoot jumpers Miami had advantage on points in paint. Raul: A number of those calls were of the loose ball variety.

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