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    VariantX Member. Did the Japanese version have it? From my experience, Discord is absolutely incredible, so I made this chat there. If it wasn't there before on 3DS, don't expect it to show up now. Monster hunter generations chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    Aug 16, Just join the Reddit MH Discord, there's like members there. NohrPrince likes this. Aug 30, B. Saw on twitch that a streamer has the review full game copy of generations. Anyone here got one or maybe found it on that iso site? Dec 2, Sault Ste. User Info: diablo User Info: jazero User Info: Molivious. User Info: Black3ace. I think he means voice chat, and no you can't. User Info: brianfrescas. Black3ace posted Screen captures on this website were taken in 2D. You can play with up to three other players via the Internet.


    One Nintendo 3DS system is required for each player up to 4 players One copy of Monster Hunter Generations is required for each player up to 4 players Wireless Internet connection You need to set up your system's Internet Settings in order to connect to the Internet.

    Invite other players to join your Hunters Hub. MHGen's style and art system can also be very overwhelming for new players. Often times 14 weapons can be overwhelming, but multiply that by 4 and well Man God Member. Oct 25, 18, Toxi said:.

    I'd go with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate over Generations. It's got a much better paced beginning with more direction for a new player. There's a monster hunter generations chat room most western Monster Hunter fans started monster hunter generations chat room 4U.

    Harald23 Banned. Dec 21, 6, Akira Toriyama said:. Green Slime King Member. Oct 25, 8, North Carolina. Eh probably not. The bigger question is will it be 60fps?

    Jahranimo Community Resettler Member. Oct 25, 4, I literally laughed out loud. Just use discord. Vena Community Resettler Member. Etrian Darkness Member. Oct 29, 2, UK. I'd still use Discord.

    Monster hunter 4 chat room

    Patch in something useful like 60fps. No need to worry about crossplay when we won't be playing with JP players or the non-existent 3DS version so there is nothing holding back 60fps. Kudo said:. Pretty much this. Generations in West is probably product of World doing so well they thought "Hey, we got that other game we didn't release there, quick!


    I hope this is just some hyberbole and new MonHuns are worldwide releases again. I'm glad we even get to enjoy it, not sure how well it'll do but it should be fine I guess, sales wise.

    User Info: Rustytheclown Rustytheclown 11 months ago 2 Nope. Key quests room. So, about those Advanced village quests How do Hunter Hub quests work?

    Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate - HUNTS With CHAT! - Part 2

    S Ranking Arena quests.

    Monster hunter generations chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)