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    And when it means humble, like Rex said it generally doesn't mean humble. The Sound of Laughter author Bennett. Save And Share :. Solved last night in bed and was surprised at how fast I zipped through it and even more so at the fresh, totally unexpected theme. Chat room laugh crossword [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary bycomputer chat abbreviation of laughing out loud. Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia LOL or lolan acronym for laugh ing out loudor lots of laughsis a popular element of Internet slang. I like rubes trailer trash chat room laugh crossword theme. My campaign for Typee over Omoo moves into high gear as a becomes platform plank for the Tea Party. I have enlisted the aide chat room laugh crossword my marshmallow peeps as it is their off season.

    Stay tuned. Ungrammatical expressions ones that have some colloquial cred are in the puzzle all the time. Tricky overly specific-sounding clue, OK, but not ungettable, by any means. Well, a wee quibble. You always see a pocketwatch on a chain being swung before the eyes of the hypnotist's subject. Hand up for actually learning self-hypnosis for management of pain without medication; no jewelry was involved. All the fakery, movie-misrepresentation, and fallacious ideas about hypnosis aside, it's actually a useful form of deep relaxation, an 'altered state of consciousness' in which one still has the pain, but is focused elsewhere.

    I think clues should be accurate in substance. We have a port-a-pot company around here named Johnny on the Spot. There were no clues to do with that! Loved the puzzle but I too had to google derek. Started watching zoolander, but couldn't stay with it. Liked Greenberg though. Life is wasted on people!


    As an old fudd, I didn't and still don't know a lot of the modern artists. But they were all inferrable from crosses, which is fine. Hand up for passe. I have no problem with a one-way rebus. Anyone writing a gimmick puzzle gets to choose his own gimmick.

    If we expected non-conformity to conform, we'd never have the pleasure of trying something new.

    Chatting with a Laughter Coach

    When did the President of the United States morph into tired fill? As she buys her paper at the corner shop, She's walkin' on the surrey with the fringe on top, 'Cause in her dreams she is far away, In Oklahoma U. There are some recent live versions on youtube as well. Zoolander had its moments--mainly Ben Stiller's facial tics and physical posturing.

    And the Monty Python skit was a riot; thanks for posting, Rex. How can you not love the playful spirit that runs throughout this puzzle? That kind of attitude would preclude any innovation in the arts, for example. What matters, to me, is consistency within a set of rules, once they have been set, and in these terms, the puzzle chat room laugh crossword consistent and makes logical sense, pace Rex at Just don't call it a "rebus" if that helps. The eventual Aha! I did not know that Meredith Macrae was deceased; she was stunning and I had quite the crush on her as a boy.

    Loved the puzzle. Rex, you're so smart! That's exactly the way I should have been thinking about the theme. It did not even make sense to do it as a rebus in chat room laugh crossword directions! This was just great fun to solve. Sure one can quibble but the overall experience was fresh and just the right level of challenge and occasional misdirection. I loved this puzzle, but found it slower going than most posters.

    The middle top and NW had me stymied. And I can chat room laugh crossword remember that other instrument that I've already forgotten.

    Just curious: Did those of you that needed to google DEREK do so in order to finish the puzzle, or to confirm it was correct after the fact? Really enjoyed this puzzle.

    Sorry, but I don't share the love for this puzzle, chat room laugh crossword. Caleb and I are rarely on the same wavelength. To me, his clues and answers often feel like they come from a thesaurus, or cruciverb, rather than from life.

    That's just IMHO. Let the general celebration now resume! Anonymous, - Since you can't be bothered to follow the link as smitty did, here is what it says: Sheila MacRae born Sheila Margaret Stephens on 24 Septemberin London, England is an actress and author. She is sometimes credited as Sheila Stephenson. She later played the role of "Madelyn Richmond" on the television soap opera, General Hospital.

    Thanks for clearing that up. Don't know if I would ever have solved NW otherwise. LOL Guffawin internet-speak LOL Text message guffaw LOL Chat room laugh crossword or guffawonline LOL Internet guffaw LOL Cyber- guffaw LOL Texter's guffaw LOL Hi-tech guffaw LOL Texting guffaw A wigwam is a domed structure built by Native Americans in the West and Southwest, intended to be a more permanent dwelling. The wigwam can also be covered with hides but more often was covered with grass, reeds, brush or cloth.

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    Mark was played by child actor Clint Howard, who is the younger brother of actor and director Ron Howard. The two are located adjacent to each other which makes sense! The State Park is undeveloped for all practical purposes, with just a few campgrounds and trailheads. The drug LSD is often sold impregnated into blotting paper. The Seine is the river that flows through Paris.

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    In the world of chemistry, isomers are two compounds with the same chemical formula free online gay dating service. The differing arrangement of atoms often leads to different chemical properties.

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    In chemistry, a polymer is a large molecule comprising many repeated subunits. Most of our plastic materials are synthetic polymers. Examples of naturally occuring polymers are DNA and proteins. ROAR Loud burst of laughter ROAR Unrestrained laughter ROAR Howl with laughter ROAR Scream with laughter SLAY Overwhelm, as with laughter SLAY Overwhelm with laughter SLAY Leave helpless chat room laugh crossword laughter SLAY Cause to convulse with laughter SLAY Convulse with laughter The sound of laughing.

    The sound of laugh ing, produced by air so expelled; any similar sound. A movement usually involuntary of the muscles of the laugh ing face, particularly of the lips, and of the whole body, chat room laugh crossword a peculiar expression of the eyes, indicating merriment, satisfaction or derision, and usually attended by a sonorous and interrupted expulsion of air from the lungs.

    A reason for merriment. Wikipedia says Laughter is an audible expression of happiness, or an inward feeling of joy. It may ensue from jokes, tickling or other stimuli.

    It is in most cases a very pleasant sensation. Sound of sarcastic laughter. Sarcastic syllable of laughter.

    Clue: Chat-room laugh

    Bit of mocking laughter. Bit of feigned laughter. Nervous bit of laughter. Unit of Elmer Fudd laughter.


    Chat-room laughter letters. The Sound of Laughter author Bennett. Outburst of laughtere. Seasonal bit of laughter.

    Chat room laugh crossword [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)