Dating an intern

    DO stay focused during business hours. I'm wondering if I can play that to my advantage. Not to mention, dating someone when she's that new at a company could easily earn her the "Sally-the-Slutty-Intern" label. Bad idea. Dating an intern [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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    Dating The Intern, advice?

    The Internqueen Blog. The Internship. Series Spotlight. It does seem like there is some chemistry there - thank you for your response. Last week, my company welcomed our summer interns to the newspaper office, and I'm really attracted to one of them - not just physically, but her personality and sense of humor also.

    At the same time, she's also gone out of her way at dating an intern to smile, chat and joke with me, unprompted. I really want to go out with her, but I know that inter-office dating is a potentially tricky situation.

    Should I just ask her out now, or should I keep getting to know her, wait until the internship ends in about 6 weeks, and then ask her out? Note: My company doesn't have a policy prohibiting dating co-workers, but the potential for awkwardness exists if things don't work out - especially so, because I work in a hot single mom sex small building.

    Share Facebook. So dating an intern does this leave us? Are we forbidden from internship hook-ups and romances, or is there some wiggle room? While it really does depend on the situation, collegiettes definitely need to keep their wits about them during their summer internship and consider all of the benefits and consequences before engaging in an internship fling.

    Have you or would you ever have one? Let us know in the comments below! She might find it awkward and off-putting if you immediately express such direct attraction, whereas lunches and casual conversation will let her feel more at ease.

    Would you date an intern from your workplace?

    Don't jump the gun. She's an intern -- presumably this is a limited engagement. Wait until she's done. Ugh scattered day-before-vacation brain today. Another thing, companies can be really weird about dating an intern lines on any kind of harassment. Someone I know started emailing a girl at work he was somewhat interested in, and I don't know how far he went with it, but it ended with dating an intern feeling dating an intern out by him contacting her, and he being terminated.

    You mentioned you're freelancing. Earlier AskMes have you looking for temp work. That's a small world. You don't want to do anything to compromise what I presume is a very good professional reputation.

    I'd say go for it If she's attractive youre not the first guy ever to ask her out. Let her know you are interested in getting to know her more i. I highly doubt doing this will result in humiliation in front of your coworkers.

    First - what's your companies policy? Second - bad idea if you are in any sort of position with having power over her. Third - You always want to know if the person at work is involved with someone else before asking them out.

    I agree with others that your best bet it to somehow time asking her to lunch in a friendly way. Have to say I'm with dfriedman on this one. There are plenty of easy, friendly, non-threatening ways for you to ask her out.


    Problem is, there is no easy, non-career-sabotaging way for her to turn you down. Also, even if she is interested in you and would want to say yes, this dating an intern an internship - an experience that's supposed to be about learning, not about dating upper-level coworkers. Not to mention, dating someone when she's that new at a company could easily earn her the "Sally-the-Slutty-Intern" label. You dating an intern like a nice guy. I don't think you'd want to do that to her.

    When she's finished her internship and is leaving the company, tell her that you think she's an intelligent, attractive woman, and offer to take her out for a drink sometime if she's interested.

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    Thanks for the suggestions so far. I should elaborate on a couple things: As far as inter-office dating rules go, it's very lax here.

    I work for a television cable company, and know a handful of couples who have met here. As I said, we work in completely different worlds though we work for the same company.


    So I'm not very concerned about the professional connections aspect. I suppose I'll just drop by where dating an intern sits and ask her if she wants to grab lunch.

    Email her to say "Hey, just wanted to welcome you to the company. If you'd like someone to grab lunch with, I'm free. It's her career; if the intern thing is an issue, it's her responsibility to simply say no. Don't "play up" the boss thing at all, no matter how you meant that. And confirm your employer's policy on intra-office dating.

    On preview, everything you said. I'd say strike up a rapport with her. Maybe go say hi to her boss and say hello to her as well while you're dating an intern there.

    Dating an intern [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)