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    So what if you want to know a more precise date for your cabinet card? If I needed more data points, other style cues I could research would be the fit of the dresses, the hairstyles, and their jewelry. The process became most popular in period from , but began to wane in the following years. Dating old pictures [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    How to Date Your Old Photos

    Knowing the type of photo can still leave a large time period, but if you know the subject of the photo, your genealogical research should be able to help you narrow that. When was the dating old pictures born? Did he live in a city or a small town? What work did he do? Both the men in my photo are young, but one appears to be older than the other, and he has arm slung around his younger brother's shoulders.

    Both are holding cigars. The elder is wearing a watch chain and a pinky ring. Sadly, the age difference doesn't help me much.

    Old Pictures of Metro Manila

    Michael was seven years older than Peter, who was seven years older than Timothy. But it does help me rule out a pairing of Michael and Timothy. I now turn to fashion to see if what these men are wearing can help me narrow the date range of the photo. Close examination of sleeves and collars can provide valuable information. Other things to look for on women are the presence and size of a bustle and the fullness of the skirt.

    For men, look at vests, neckties, the fit of a jacket loose or fitted and how it is buttoned. By examining the style of fashion worn by the subjects in an old photograph, it is possible to deduce the approximate date it was taken. Since I'm no fashionistaI turned to websites such as Dating old pictures Chroniclewhich also has published two books on dating photos, for help in matching styles with a particular era. Consulting experts such as Maureen Taylorwhose website includes a blog and provides teleseminars, are also a good resource.

    In my dating old pictures, both men are wearing loose-fitting jackets with wide lapels. The elder man is wearing a collarless shirt — too bad, because it's easier to date men's collars and neckties. The younger man is not wearing a necktie, but his shirt has a pointed, flat collar. Read More. Cased Images older women nude Tintype KwikGuide and.

    The following chart lists the dating old pictures characteristics you should look for when trying to identify and date old photographs.

    Detailed analysis is covered on dedicated pages for each type.


    Photo Characteristic. KwikTip research guides give you a convenient and fact-filled tool to help you determine dates dating old pictures your 19th century photographs pictures. Find the facts about your old photos with a KwikTip guide for:.

    Most tintypes found today are loose or in paper sleeves vs. If it sticks, you've got a tintype! Cartes de Visite or CDVs were the first types of photos that had a true negative, which meant that people could obtain multiple copies of a single photo.

    As such, they were often used as calling cards dating old pictures promotional cards often traded among friends. The subjects are usually portraits of prominent individuals, actors or actresses, or patriotic images. If you are trying to identify your own family photos, you'll likely find few CDVs among your collection, but you never know what you'll find.


    Topics include evening attire, fashion accessories and even bathing costumes and undergarments. Vintage hairstyles A look at how women wore their hair in eras past, illustrated with photos of modern recreations.

    Also see some sketches of vintage hairstyles here.

    Genealogy research: Dating vintage photographs by clothing & hairstyles

    Dating old pictures [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)