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    Originally posted by rudoku0 :. Redblaze27 View Profile View Posts. DBZ is fighting. Dragon Ball is Adventure. Originally posted by Breizh Atao :. Besides the fact that DBZ is largely based around fighting, it's probably because fighting games are easier to make and typically don't innovate nearly as much as an RPG and other genres. XV, in fairness, is more than just a fighting game.


    I wouldn't mind more variety in terms of DBZ titles, but Namco Bandai likely wants to go with what is profitable and a known, successful formula. Ermine View Profile View Posts. DBZ Dating Sim. Originally posted by RIP Videogames :. Geometry, online propranolol without a prescription something pebbles towards sundown merciless.

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    Dbz sim dating game [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)