How to use find friends in iphone

    Tapping that allows you to send an iMessage to a contact with your location. Stop sharing your location If you don't want your friends to see your location in Find My Friends, you can stop sharing from the app on your iOS device or on iCloud. Read more. Even Contacts Only will do. How to use find friends in iphone [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    Tapping that allows you to send an iMessage to a contact with your location. You can choose between sending the message now, when you leave, or when you next arrive. Choose which device from which to share your location.

    Beneath those two options is the switch which allows you to decide whether or not to share your location. If you have more than one iOS device, you can select which of them you want to share your location from by tapping it on the list on this screen. Check out this simple tip to let you do so.

    Find My Friends is a pretty nice app that lets you locate your friends and family using your iPhone or iPad.

    How to Use Find My Friends for iPhone and iPad

    If you want to keep a track of the location of your kid or someone very close to you for security purpose, this app can how to use find friends in iphone really well in letting you do so.

    Moreover, Find My Friends allows you to set up location-based alerts that can notify whenever your friend arrives at a place or leaves it.

    You can also set it up to alert your friend about the changes in your location. Find My Friends is compatible with iOS 8 or later. The app will ask to access your location while using the app. Since the app can't work without this, tap Allow. With friends added, you can start using the app. Opening the app shows the location of all of your friends, but there's a lot more you can do.

    To keep seeing your friends' locations, but to stop sharing yours permanently, follow these steps:.

    Secretly Track Someone's Using Your iPhone [How-To]

    Since the Find My Friends app uses iCloud to show your location and connect with your friends, you're also able to find friends without using the app. Just log into iCloud using a web browser and you can find your friends and use all of the other features found on the iOS app, even if your iPhone or iPad isn't nearby.


    Depending on your perspective, Find My Friends may sound terrific or terrifying. There's truth to both opinions, of course, so it's worth considering the pros and cons before you start using the app.


    Helps parents know where their kids are, and get automatic notifications like when a kid gets home from school. Share Pin Email.

    You can choose which one to use in Find My Friends:. If you accept someone's request, that person can then see your location. If you want to see that person's location, you must invite them, and they must accept your invitation. Your location is sent from your device only when someone requests to see it. Your location isn't transmitted on a regular interval.

    Apple Find My unveiled as Find My iPhone and Find My Friends merge

    For more information, see the iCloud security and privacy overview. The announcement came as part of a wider overhaul of Apple's iOS and MacOS operating systems, which will roll out to owners of Apple phones and other devices later this year.

    How to use find friends in iPhone locate friends and much more

    Apple may be best known for its hardware, but it's really the seamless integration of its hardware with its software that has set it apart from rivals. The company's ability to control every aspect of its products, something that began when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple inhas been key in making Apple one of the most powerful companies in tech. Apple's mobile software, iOS, gets revamped every year and launches when its newest phones hit the market.

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