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    More success stories All success stories Hide success stories. Method 2. Unclear: Egalitarian churches permit women to serve at all levels of leadership within a local church but LACK clear and adequate representation in leadership ranks. Find a gay friendly church [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    Find other like-minded friends to pray and read the Bible with you regularly. Search for Bible study groups or host your find a gay friendly church with groups of friends or other members of your community so you can worship together. Make sure any groups you attend are LGBT-friendly so you can feel welcome and grow together in faith. Pray together and for one another so you can be involved. Method 3. Ask your pastor how to become an official church member.

    Different churches may have specific ways you can become a member, such as giving a testimony or getting baptized. After you feel comfortable in a church and attend it a few times, talk to the pastor to find out the steps on how you can ultra skirt a member.

    Volunteer at your church to meet other members.


    Look for opportunities within the church where you can help and assist the community. Ask the pastor or staff if there are any volunteer openings, such as greeting the community before service, ushering people to their seats, or helping with childcare during service.

    Volunteer regularly so you can help continue developing your faith and spread it to others. Attend Bible studies and other church events.


    Donate to the church to help support the community. If you want to support your pastor and church, take a small percentage of your income and donate it to your church. You can either do weekly offerings during service or make single donations directly to the church offices. I am gay and want to find a Pentecostal Church to attend. What should I do? Google churches in your area, then call them to see how friendly they are. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2.

    My church welcomes members of the Find a gay friendly church community to be fully active in the life of the church, but they do not perform gay marriages at this time. Can this church be called gay-affirming? Email us to learn more! Unclear: Non-Affirming. Unclear: Affirming. Actively Discerning. Clear: Non-Affirming. Clear: Affirming.

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    Verified Clear. Women in Leadership Policy Definitions Undisclosed. Unclear: Non-Egalitarian. The score for church websites that do not clearly communicate their non-egalitarian policies. Unclear: Egalitarian. Clear: Non-Egalitarian.

    Is there a good website where someone can find a local church that is gay friendly?

    The score for church websites that clearly communicate non-egalitarian policies. Clear: Egalitarian. Clarity is Reasonable. Church Clarity is a crowd-sourced database of Christian congregations scored by our team of volunteers based on how easy it is to find a church's Actively Enforced Policy online.

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    How to find a church that is safe for LGBTQ people

    Use the name of the denomination you are looking for. We've answered the question: Is there a good website where someone can find a local church that is gay friendly? Click here to return to Gay Christian Home Page. Click here to add your own comments.

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    Return to Ask A Question. Is there a good website where someone can find a local church that is gay friendly? Oct 14, New to area looking for church in Fredrickburg and Spotsylvania area and time by: Lylydia Stokes Looking for a church really Baptist but willing to accept another religion Rick's comment: Hi Lylydia - I don't know of any gay friendly churches in that area.

    Find a gay friendly church [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)