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    Don't Give Up. Thanks you! I am solo traveller but the girls going in groups i notice get played all the time because theyre mad drunk. There is no reason you can not have a relationship with this man Single cuban guys [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    I just arrived from Holguin, Cuba. I stayed at the Blau Costa Verde. I was there to relax and forget about everything including an ex boyfriend. There I met someone really nice. His name is Reinaldo and he works at the nautical center.

    He used to work at Playa Turquesa about 9 months ago. His feelings seemed real. But I am very sceptical with what I have read lately and with all the horror stories that I've heard in the past. He wants me to go back. I'm not sure yet if I want to and if I have the money to do it. I would like some advice on how to detect if his feelings are true if I decide to go there or if he only sees a canadian visa. I would also like to hear about the good single cuban guys the bad stories on relationship with Cubans.

    Please be honest. If you know him, tell me everything. I prefer to be hurt now! And for those who are ashamed to tell their horror story and remain silent remember that this is confidential and that your bad experience may serve others.

    I cannot comment on Reinaldo but can say that I worked with someone who had the same experience and kept going back 3 times in 1 year with promises of a future and marriage. It is 2 years single cuban guys and she is in Montreal and he is still in Cuba waiting for a visa.

    It is a very difficult decision and love is blind.


    Good single cuban guys It is very difficult for a Cuban National to enter Canada, simple check out the immigration policies point system on the website. The easiest way is if he already had a relative here. If you were able to have him join you here, keep in mind that you will be responsible for all costs incurred for a period of 10 years.

    This means that if he drew any financial help, including welfare, from any level of government, you will be on the hook to pay it back. I have heard of a couple marrying and divorcing and she had to pay his legal bills and his keep for the full ten years as he collected welfare and refused to work.

    I am Pisces, cm 5' 8''70 kg lbs.

    Cuban & Foreigner Dating I SINGLE'S GUIDE TO CUBA 2/2

    Im a honest and sincere person, love languages and cultural exchanges. Im trying to find good friends to exchange and expand my friendship circle. Brellgoma23 y. I am Cancer, cm 5' 9''76 kg lbs. I am Cancer, cm 5' 6''65 kg lbs. I am a very friendly and well-educated man. I like women and enjoy to love "the chosen one". I like dancing, music, yoga and environtment. I like jokes. Same thing for guys, do they really believe that a 20something hot mulata is in love with them years older?

    Nooooooo be real. Yours was the most intelligent and relevant post in this thread. Remember single cuban guys it is fun to date people you meet in another country, for a good time and move on.

    It would be wise if some of these cock hungry babes did some research into the situation in Cuba,…Which is like living in another Universe, 30 minutes from Miami by plane. No puedo creer las imbecilidades de algunas de estas mujeres. Obviamente de baja moral. Anyone know how to get cell phone service when in Cuba….

    I have a cell phone company that will not work there…. I have contacted, no way to do it. Is there a smart way to do this…. I am a relationship with a Cuban man that lives here in USA we did live together for a little while, but it was making it hard on our relationship.

    We broke up and then got back together. I am starting to get use to the fact he drinks a lot but he works just single cuban guys hard, and so I choose to over look it now. Is mother is in Cuba she knows about me but because of my limit in Spanish we have not spoken. She does how ever love me for her son because I have been there even when he had no money.

    Single cuban guys laugh, we cook, single cuban guys, we sign, we dance, and he is free single ladies dating site generous with his money but he will let me pay for things but not normally.

    He does not believe in cheating, and he does get jealous if his friends become friendly with me. He is not controlling in anyway. Cubans have a totally different perspective on marriage and sexual relationships. Keep in mind that not all Cubans are poor and cannot travel. However, if you happen to fall for some basic Cuban Papi then you will have to pay to play. Personally, I think these Papi and Mami chasers get what they deserve.

    I have been to cuba 4x so it is bullshit cuban man wont spend cent for you.

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    I met a guy who kept offering and bought me single cuban guys in cuba whereass i met guys who asked me to buy them drinks. I have many cuban friends and my friend said if you have to pay anything for cuban guy he is using you unless its like plane ticket. He was with his gf from germany 3 years he told me he pays for her. He said he even buys his gf things. Then i ve met men who pretend to care ans ask for wifi money etc.


    But the one who bought me free drinks. It really depends on the guy. I mean if you marry someone not your type why stay with them? Observe their type of girl and if yoy notice theyre going for very vulnerable girls that wil do anything for them usually they are using many girls at once.

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    I loved single cuban guys there who loved many girls and gor girl to pay him week resort overnight she was rich and even really young compared to him.

    I even have single friend who rents casas in cuba his friend wants us to date but because ive met someone i declined. I am solo traveller but the girls going in groups i notice get played all the time because theyre mad drunk. This was a great read! FYI for anyone interested. I love this blog post. Really spot on with my experiences with my cuban guy. We have been together for a while now and i think everything mentioned is super relatable.

    FYI for anyone interested, i am in a facebook for people that are involved with cubans. We are in the process of him moving here. My relationship single cuban guys real and people can cheat, use you and disrespectful all Over the world. Girlll, these comments are LIT. Great post! Woman Man. Page 1 of Load Previous. I like practice sports and go to the gym.

    I love music and cinema. Also i love to travel and go to the beach.

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    I'm a nice person, almost always happy. Hello, i am a doctar from cuba, my hobby is gyming, i do not have a favorite kind of music more.

    I like music, all kind of music but I prefer salsa and romantic music. I like go to the beach, go out to dinnner, go to the movies, to travel, to know different cultures, reading, wachting tv.

    Single cuban guys [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)