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    Friend Reviews. Madame Nhu was adamant and very vocal about the fact that the Americans brought about the downfall of her family and in doing so also the country. Whether people blamed Madam Nhu on the fall of Saigon , I feel sympathy for a woman as her. The book not only capture the personality and Madam Nhu, but also reflect honestly the Vietnamese history at that time. Madame Nhu did not fall in the bloody coupe with her husband and brother in law, but got out and got her children out. Finding the dragon lady pdf [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    In Novemberthe president finding the dragon lady pdf South Vietnam and his brother were brutally executed in a coup that was sanctioned and supported by the American government. But at the time, to David Halberstam, she was "the beautiful but diabolic sex dictatress, and Malcolm Browne flirt filipino her "the most dangerous enemy a man can have.

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    More filters. Sort order. Dec 06, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: vietnamblognon-fictionwar. She's portrayed as an almost comic book like villain--an Asian femme fatale known as 'the dragon lady' by journalists in Saigon.

    Finding the Dragon Lady: The Mystery of Vietnam's Madame Nhu

    She is described as "Another focus of the article was on Madame Nhu--a woman who seemed to be a fascinating character to the journalists of the time as I found several references to her in more than one Newsweek article, and as many pictures of her in fashionable dress. She is described as being 'imperious and iron-willed,' 'a devious, chain-smoking intellectual with a low, rasping voice,' and 'molded into her.

    I found it finding the dragon lady pdf that the author of this article made constant reference to how dangerous she was, yet never bolstered these statements with any concrete fact. More time was devoted to her romanticized childhood and her couture clothing than her politics. It made me curious--was the lack of information because she was simply a woman and her dress was more interesting than her politics, or was there a lack of specific information membership dating apps her involvement in the crimes being committed by the government?

    PDF Finding the Dragon Lady: The Mystery of Vietnam's Madame Nhu EBook

    This is from a paper I wrote in response to a Newsweek article entitled Getting to Know the Nhus from September 9, One of my favorite assignments in my Literature of the Vietnam War class was the personal reaction papers that sent us scurrying to the library and pulling the old bound periodicals from the shelves and reading articles from magazines like Time and Newsweek.

    Others would simply grab a finding the dragon lady pdf, photocopy the first Vietnam article they came to, and trot off to write their paper. I spent hours flipping through the yellowed pages and photographs before I settled on one for my article. And that was how I first encountered the petite dynamo that was Madame Nhu, finding the dragon lady pdf.

    While she certainly piqued my curiosity, it quickly became obvious that learning about the real Madame Nhu was virtually impossible due to the obvious negative bias of the press, as well as Madame Nhu's own role in crafting her image. So when Monique Brinson Demery's book about her personal relationship with Madame Nhu was released, I was excited by the prospect of finally meeting the "real" Madame Nhu.

    And did I? Well, yes and no. This is not a criticism of the book, but rather a reflection of the fact that Madame Nhu was the product of endless contradictions. Born in another time, another culture, another economic class, she certainly could have been a finding the dragon lady pdf and intelligent politician. However, her arrival as an unwanted and unloved middle daughter her mother always suspected she had been "switched" with a common child while she was left in the care of her paternal grandmother created a keen sense of inferiority that she railed against her entire life a defiant streak nurtured by a fortune-teller's prediction that "Her star is unsurpassable" and that the young girl was destined for greatness.

    Her upper-class family had both royal and colonial ties, leaving her oblivious to her Marie Antoinette-like disconnect from the common people even commenting that she would she would clap her hands as Buddhist monks "barbecued" themselves.

    Raised in a Buddhist and Confucian household, her later conversion to Catholicism was embraced with a zealot's fervor--and a hurried convert's misapplication of principles her morality laws banning contraception, polygamy, dancing, gambling, and, of course, the evils of the underwire bra quickly turned her people against her, flirt meaning in her belief that she was protecting women in particular with many of these edicts.

    It's no wonder that the girl who should have been a boy, the Vietnamese woman who couldn't understand the Vietnamese people, the Buddhist who became the dogmatic Catholic, the very embodiment of the collision of East and West, would become such a polarizing and often confusing historical figure. Demery embraces these contradictions and presents Madame Nhu as a flawed woman with extraordinary potential--a woman desperate to blaze her own trail, yet restricted by her time, her gender, and her own misconceptions about the world.

    Finding the Dragon Lady

    Demery's portrait does not shy away from the finding the dragon lady pdf, arrogant, and manipulative aspects of Madame Nhu's personality. Indeed, we see Madame Nhu baiting Demery with promises that she will release her memoirs to her, as well as controlling and dictating the terms of their relationship.

    Demery becomes exasperated with Madame Nhu's machinations, but holds out in the hope that their continued exchanges personal bible study for women reveal something genuine about the woman history has both fairly and unfairly maligned. And she succeeds in this. While Madame Nhu is never exonerated by Demery's story, Demery does succeed in creating some sympathy for a woman who, behind closed doors, was pained by the failure of her marriage, desperate for love and approval, and denied the ability to help her husband and her brother-in-law, President Diem, sidestep some of their more foolhardy missteps.

    Compelling and readable, Finding the Dragon Lady does not attempt to put Madame Nhu on a pedestal, but rather to dust away some of the misconceptions that have settled over the years on the legacy of the dragon lady. View all 11 comments. It was just a good rhyme for a folk singer perhaps too angry to be interested in fairness. However, it gives you a good idea the profile of Madame Nhu in her day — easily recognized and lampooned.

    This book is not quite a success because it ran up against Madame Nhu's unstoppable contrary cussedness, which apparently did not become any less intense with age. Nhu seemed to have a gift for throwing a spanner into the machinations of others, a talent I really respect. But to be really effective, you sometimes must leave the spanner unthrown, and rely on other talents.

    If I'm understanding correctly, then, the author got to read some, perhaps all, of Nhu's autobiography. However, she did not seem to get permission to quote from or attribute to this document, wow friends must skirt the edge of actionable activity through paraphrase.

    So when there are moments of maddeningly unfootnoted vagueness — like when on p. I think the author went a little easy on Nhu, who, let's remember, outlawed divorce in an entire country to spite a philandering family member, and drained the finances of a country in dire distress in order to form and outfit an all-woman paramilitary, whose main purpose seemed to be to reviewed on parade by Nhu, finding the dragon lady pdf.

    Authors often end up sympathizing with their subjects after spending many years pursuing them — perhaps this happened here. Or maybe the author thought the hero of the book must be as sympathetic as possible while still staying within shouting distance of what really happened if you want the big-name publishing houses to play ball.

    On the other hand, when compared to the mayhem and slaughter that came after her, she seems comical, almost harmless, so the inclination displayed here to say nothing ill of the departed is probably the correct attitude to take. The book: not too long, easy to read, worth a look. Dec 14, Louise rated it really liked it Shelves: biographyvietnam. This biography documents the author's search for and connection to her elusive subject.

    With all that has been written on Vietnam, it is surprising how little attention Madame Nhu has received. This could be due to her gender, her unofficial role finding the dragon lady pdf than hostess in her brother-in-law's government or her being on the finding the dragon lady pdf side of history.

    The book shows the pivotal role she played.

    Book TV: Monique Monique, "Finding the Dragon Lady"

    She used her position This biography documents the author's search for and connection to her elusive subject. She used her position and influence to create unpopular policies in Vietnam, fan the authoritarianism of her in-law's regime and build US support for the quagmire known as the Vietnam War. As a child her parents left her with their parents who left her in the care of the groundskeepers forced labor convicts on their estate. Her parents were summoned when she became critically ill This was the first of many surprising personal facts I learned about this difficult person.

    The book is a quick read. One that takes the reader back before the tragedy unfolded. Seeing Madame Nhu, close up and personal like this shows all the reasons she and her in-laws should not have been in control of a town, much less a country. finding the dragon lady pdf


    The oldest brother of this family was an Archbishop in the Catholic Church who, on p. While the author is sympathetic to her subject, it is hard to look beyond Madame Nhu's sense of entitlement. Like the Bourbon's, Hapsburg's and Romanov's before her, she conflates her own family's fate with that of her country. Their respective fights for power had disastrous results for hundreds of thousands of people.

    While the cover design makes this look like a pulp novel, there is credible research here with a personal narrative that keeps it light and engaging. This book is a starting point for examining the life and significance finding the dragon lady pdf Madame Nhu.

    Jan 07, Holly rated it liked it. Interesting look at a person and a time and place I didn't know much about. Reading this book, I realized that I knew very little about Vietnam in the lead up to the Vietnam War.

    More even then the story of Madame Nhu, I found this information interesting. Madame Nhu herself was definitely a worthy subject for a book, but not a particularly likable one.

    Though I could admire her for being ahead of the times as far as feminism, she really didn't seem like a good, kind person, but rather a very eg Interesting look at a person and a time and place I didn't finding the dragon lady pdf much about. Though I could admire her for being ahead of the times as far as feminism, she really didn't seem like a good, kind person, but rather a very egotistical one.

    That being said, the book also gave me a much worse view of Kennedy, with his horribly misogynistic comments about Madame Nhu. Maybe I should have know this about him, but it was shocking. Aside from the subject of free single ladies dating site book, the author's style made me a little crazy.

    She was overly expressive in her commentary at times, seemingly adding her own views to made the writing more interesting. This tendency to exaggerate finding the dragon lady pdf impose her views was most evident in the photos in the book. She says of Jean Smith that she "seems unable to tear her eyes from the tiger hides surrounding her feet--not even to look up for the photograph--as though afraid they might spring to life and attack.


    When I look at that photo what I see from Jean Smith is a patronizing, tight-lipped smile, as if she is trying very hard to be polite in the face of something important to Madame Nhu but likely that she finds outside the realm of the proper, finding the dragon lady pdf.

    She does this often. It irked me and made me less likely to trust her interpretation of many of the events that she's describing. I liked the book--interesting info that I wasn't aware of. But, despite the author adding the flourishes I described above, not as compelling as I would have like it to be.

    View 1 comment. Mar 09, Christina Mitchell rated it liked it. History and politics are my favorite topics for nonfiction reading. This biography of notorious Madame Nhu enticed me from the moment it was discussed in a program segment on NPR. Since so little is known of the Dragon Lady of Vietnam, the biography is fascinating.

    I must extend caution, however. Demery claims she is in possession of Madame Finding the dragon lady pdf memoirs, though it does not seem from the author's commentary single funny quotes for guys much of these memoirs made it finding the dragon lady pdf her biography of Madame Nhu. Demery also talks co History and politics are my favorite topics for nonfiction reading.

    Demery also talks considerably of documents and photographs that never materialize in the pages of this book -- most notably Madame Nhu's diary, which was smuggled out of the palace shortly after the coup. The biography would have been made stronger if these images and detailed excerpts would have been could have been?

    I can only hope that Demery thought it best to first present the bare bones of Madame Nhu using their personal if tenuous relationship as the backdrop to the narrative. Once interest swells, I hope she has planned to follow this finding the dragon lady pdf biography with a more comprehensive view of the archives in her possession.

    Jun 08, Patricia Reding rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Desiree. Passing through a crowd one day, I came upon a book giveaway and so, I got a copy. Settling into my seat on my flight back a day later, I dug in to read. I grew up during the Vietnam conflict. Though very young at the time, I remember hearing the news and seeing the pictures flash across the television screen. I remember especially, Malcolm Browne's photo of the burning monk.

    When I went to college, I studied political science and philosophy, and I concentrated some of my studies around the history and people of what was then the Soviet Union. Readings and discussions of the Vietnam conflict came up from time to time.

    Finding the dragon lady pdf so, I knew little more than the average person about the origins of the conflict, the history of this land and its people, or the key figures leading up to the conflict in which the U. Finding the Dragon Lady helped to answer some of those questions.

    I especially admire Demery's pursuing this legendary and controversial figure and because of her efforts, the opportunity I was granted to gain some insight into Madam Nhu and what motivated her. In the end Madam Nhu does not seem a particularly sympathetic figure, but Demery was able to weave some of Madam Nhu's personal stories into this historical account that did lend a hand to my understanding this controversial figure somewhat better.

    I recommend this book to anyone interested in the history and political intrigues of this era. View all 4 comments. Dec 28, Ann rated it liked it. I have to give credit to Monique Brinson Demery for her incredible tenacity, spending over 10 years researching this historically reclusive woman. But therein lies the problem.

    Monique spent much of the book detailing her problems in getting interviews. She never met Madame Nhu in person and had to piece this book together from the erratic phone calls she received.

    Madame Nhu is the dragon lady, the woman who used her feminine wiles to influence the Diem regime, leading to its downfall and Americ I have to give credit to Monique Brinson Demery for her incredible tenacity, spending over 10 years researching this historically reclusive woman. Madame Nhu is the dragon lady, finding the dragon lady pdf woman who used her feminine wiles to influence the Diem regime, leading to its downfall and America's entry into the Vietnam war.

    From the glamorous Italian Riviera before the Great War to the Art Deco glory of Eltham Palace in the thirties, and from the secluded Scottish Highlands to segregated Rhodesia in the fifties, the narrative spans enormous cultural and social change. Lady Virginia Courtauld was a boundary-breaking, colourful and unconventional person who rejected the submissive role women were expected to play.

    Many people had reason to dislike Ginie, but who had reason enough to pull the trigger? Deeply evocative of time and place, The Dragon Lady subtly blends fact and fiction to paint the portrait of an extraordinary woman in an era of great social and cultural change. It is not just Lady Courtauld's story, but also the people fighting for the country's future. And while the book may only focus on a small piece of Zimbabwe's long complicated history, it does so with emotion and fire. Treger switches elegantly between narrators, time and place, and wears her meticulous research lightly in this fascinating novel.

    What's Inside. Reader Reviews. A welcome addition to the literature on Vietnam. Her book reveals the many masks Madame Nhu wore to guard herself against the public and even the authorand gives stark glimpses of the woman underneath. The book benefits from a firm understanding of Vietnamese traditions. In the end, Demery admits that she ultimately became Madame Nhu's "friend," an admission that makes the reader admire the biographer even more for being so clear-eyed about her subject's flaws.

    It's a testament to her deep knowledge of Vietnamese and American culture that she leaves us wondering what might have been.

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